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UNDER CONSTRUCTION (STARTED 6/29/07) Updated 1/29/08

I'm Tammy from the Radford VA area. I love to play the piano. I play backup keys in the worship band at my church. I'm also one of the most active and popular members of the Hear And Play Zone free online musician community (my absolute favorite site on the whole web!!!!), where I have over 3,000 buddies and help other musicians and help moderate the forums. Be sure to come back to this site often, where I plan to have other pages where I plan to give free lessons (ie midi files of preacher chords, talk music/worship progressions) and some great tips, tricks, and other helpful resources for pianists, keyboard players and other musicians in my blog and post links to other great resourceful sites for musicians (if I can stay away from the ADDICTIVE zone site long enough. lol! :-)

In The Meantime, Check out these midi files (I'll be adding more later) and other resourceful pages. To listen to the midi files, click on them, to save them, right click on the link. After you save them, you can view them on a midi keyboard or w/ the free VanBasco software on your computer. Please keep me in your prayers. I'm still working on this site and trying to figure out how to build my page. I'll eventually have several pages on this site (when I figure it out). I added these midi files to my page a few months ago but couldn't figure out why my changes wasn't displaying when I logged out but I finally figured it out today:

C Major Scale And Basic Chords Practice (This is good to do in every key)
C Major 1-4-5 Worship Chord Progression (Good for altar/talk music)
Amazing Grace Lesson in G
Db 6-2-5-1 Progression (Latest Version I've Come Up With)
Db 6-2-5-1 Progression (1st Version)

C Major Harmonization Scale (I learned this from Gospel Keys 101, Great for beginners to learn to play by ear, to take a melody and harmonize it w/ this scale)
Lean On Me Riff Lesson (Using The Harmonization Scale And Adding Bass Notes To Harmonize It)

VanBasco--Free Karaoke MIDI Player Software


F Major Scale Fingering Lesson:

F Major Worship Chord Progression (1-4-5 w/ 6-2-5-1 ending):

Db 6-2-5-1 Progression:

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Please Pray for Virginia Tech Students and Faculty The following song and video is a Virginia Tech Tribute that was done by my friend Tanner, who just released his first CD. He has this song and video on the CD. He plays the bass sometimes w/ our worship team and when our worship leader is out, he will lead worship on the acoustic guitar and Alisha, my worship leader's sister who is the main female vocalist, will also lead playing the lead keyboard.

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